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Guaranteed Tanning Bed Financing

Don’t Buy It, Don’t Lease it…Flex It!

Zero Down, No Banks, No Hassles

Put down that credit card and tear up those loan applications. When you enroll in our Flex Plan there is no credit check, bank statements, or tax returns required. Just answer a few quick questions and you are approved. What about installation, setup, and maintenance? We cover that, too. We do the heavy lifting, you collect the cash, your customers get the best tan that money can buy. With our tanning bed Flex plan, there is:

Boost Your Bottom Line

Sun Capsule’s Flex Plan puts you on the fast track to ownership of a new seven minute 250-watt Vitesse. By adding the world’s most powerful low pressure tanning system to your businesses, you’ll not only attract new clients, but also satisfy even your most serious tanners. All without spending your hard-earned capital.

How Does The Flex Plan Work

Start making money on day one without spending a dime with the Flex Plan by Sun Capsule. With our Flex program, you’ll only pay for the hours you use without any minimum payments. And when you are ready to re-lamp, you’ll own your Vitesse. Fill out the form below for more information.

Sun Capsules Flex plan is the most innovative and simple way to add a brand-new Sun Capsule to your salon without any up-front investment or fixed monthly payment. We hate to brag, but with over 4,000 satisfied Flex customers we must be doing something right.

When you Flex a new Sun Capsule Vitesse, Eclipse or Sport each time a customer tans a small portion of what they spend goes towards buying your new booth while most of the cash stays with you. In fact, in over 90% of all Flex deals we write our customers Net as much from their new Vitesse while on our program as they make from any of their high-end beds they already own. Once you’re ready to change out your first set of lamps you’ll own your new Sun Capsule…No Strings Attached!

No Risk, All Reward. Try The Flex Financing Plan Today.

Get the world-class tanning equipment without the immense upfront costs. Our account specialists are standing by to get you started. Let’s get you growing and your customers glowing!

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