3 Tips To Maintain A Glowing Tan All Year Long

A man with a beautifully tanned skin

We all love the look of bronzed glowing skin with the perfect tan. The best way to ensure a safe tan and prevent the risk of premature aging and skin cancer is to opt for sunless tanning methods such as spray tans and tanning beds.

However, with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down many local tanning salon businesses and the risk of getting infected when using tanning beds that have been used by other people before, maintaining a glowing tan has become more difficult than ever.

The good news is that there are still plenty of ways you can maintain you tanned skin and enjoy a gorgeous golden glow no matter what season it is.

Here are some tips to help you make your tan last longer and enjoy beautiful bronze skin all year long:

Scrub Before Tanning

One of the biggest reasons why tans fade quickly is because of the skin shedding dead skin cells. As sunless tanning usually only affects the top layer of the skin, once the skin sheds the old layer, the tan starts fading rapidly. To make your tan last longer, try scrubbing your skin using an exfoliator or a quality natural scrub to get rid of any dead skin cells. This will reveal a new layer that you can tan, and it will take you skin longer to shed the dead skin cells.

Prevent Your Skin From Getting Dehydrated

Another common reason why tans fade quickly is because of dehydration. When the skin gets dehydrated, the cells in the epidermis die faster and are shed rapidly. By making sure that your skin stays hydrated, you prevent dead skin cells form accumulating and shedding, ensuring your tan lasts longer. You should drink plenty of water, use oil-free moisturizers, and take cool showers to prevent your skin from drying out and help it retain the gorgeous golden glow.

Invest In A Quality Tanning Booth

It doesn’t make sense to rush off to the local tanning salon every week to redo your tan. Not only does that take up a lot of your time but it can also be quite costly in the long run. Spray tans are a good alternative, but frequent use isn’t good for your skin and can even lead to serious health issues, such as asthma.

The best option is to invest in a tanning bed for your home so you can refresh your tan whenever you want. If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, you can get a vertical tanning booth that can fit almost anywhere without requiring a lotof space!

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