Advantages of Stand-Up Tanning Booths

A woman sitting in the sun

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘tanning’? Probably people lying on the beach absorbing the sun’s rays. Or perhaps, you imagine a shell structure in which people get in and bath underneath the UV rays. However, that’s not the only way to tan. Stand-up tanning is becoming increasingly popular—thanks to the advent of stand-up tanning booth.

People who use this medium of tanning will tell you there are several advantages of using it. Let’s look at some of them:

Even Tan

Stand-up tanning booth allows you to get an even tan over your entire body. Some people believe that using a tanning bed causes their back to tan faster and more unevenly as compared to the rest of the body. However, that’s not the case with a stand-up tanning booth.

The UV light surrounds the body more evenly. Moreover, because one is standing while getting a tan, one can turn the body around and move the arms to ensure that every part is evenly tanned.

Less Wait Time and Maintenance Required

A session for tanning beds is typically around 20 minutes, as that’s how long it takes. However, with a stand-up tanning booth, the entire session is cut in half. A customer only needs to be in the booth for 8-10 minutes. They can get in and out very quickly.

There’s also the advantage of less maintenance. Salon owners don’t have to wipe down and disinfect the whole place. Moreover, the booth can function for more hours during the day—leading to higher turnover and income.

More Comfortable and Hygienic

A stand-up tanning booth has more space, a popular feature among people who don’t prefer lying down in enclosed spaces. Since the bodies aren’t touching anything, there are lesser chances of contamination. Also, since the skin doesn’t touch the sides of the bed, people are less likely to experience rashes or other skin problems.

Stand-up beds have minimal skin residue because the user just has to stand inside, so people are also less concerned about whether or not the booth has been cleaned in between sessions.

Stronger Tan, Lesser Time

 Another advantage of choosing a stand-up tanning booth is that you get a better tan in a smaller amount of time. That’s because stand-up booths use greater wattage bulbs. So if you’re not comfortable with the idea of spending too much time in the tanning bed, or you feel claustrophobic, stand-up tanning beds are your answer.

Stand-up tanning booths are ideal for people who prefer large spaces and feel confined in smaller ones. They’re also a good option for people who want a darker tan for a short duration.

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