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A woman standing in the water

Reasons to Use a Tanning Bed

We all know that over-exposure to UV rays is harmful for your skin as it can cause cancer. So, while you may want that bronze tan, sitting under the sun for a long time may not be the best idea. To keep yourself safe from over-exposure to UV rays, invest in a tanning bed. There… Continue Reading →

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A woman tanning

Ways to Maintain a Tan During Winter

You’ve probably spent the whole summer working on getting the perfect tan. Now that winter is approaching, you might be wondering how you’ll maintain it. However, don’t worry.  There are several ways to ensure that your tan lasts the whole winter. Here are some of them: Moisturize Your Skin You know all those times when… Continue Reading →

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A young woman lying in a tanning bed

Benefits Of Buying Pre-Owned Tanning Beds

People all over the world and especially in the United States love sunbathing and getting a gorgeous, glowing tan that enhances their features and makes them look exotic. However, as the awareness of melanoma and other risks of sun tanning is becoming more common, consumers are looking for other options to stay tan all year… Continue Reading →

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Millennium Equity Finance Corp Acquires Sun Capsule

Private financing group acquires manufacturer of Sun Capsule Indoor Tanning Booths and its finance program, the “Flex Lease Plan”. North Andover, MA: The Sun Capsule brand has a new owner. Effective today, Millennium Equity Finance Corporation assumed ownership and operation of the indoor tanning industry’s oldest domestic manufacturer. Since 1979 Sun Capsule has pioneered the… Continue Reading →

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