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Roger W.

“When I traded in my old Super Cyclone towards Flexing a new Vitesse Sun Capsule credited me over $5,000 when the most I could sell it for was $2,000. Signing up for the Flex plan was the best business decision I ever made.”


“Adding a new Vitesse in time for the busy season was the best thing I could ever have done for my business. I put no money down, I only pay based on what we use and best of all I have a new piece of equipment that my customers love.”

– Kathy

“I had almost bought a used Super Cyclone from someone who had closed their salon but I’m glad I didn’t! After seeing it in person it was a mess and I would have wasted my money. Ultimately, I purchased a certified pre-owned Sun Capsule. It might have cost a bit more but it was more… Continue Reading →

Brian P.

“I thought I’d never swap out my 220-watt 7 minute X 7 booths for two new Vitesses until I saw how much Sun Capsule offered me. In the first 6 months, my new booths were paid for and I didnt use a dime of my own money”

– Joanne

“When my installer was assembling my certified Sun Capsule he came and told me that I had the wrong booth because he actually though it was new. When I called the folks at Sun Capsule they laughed and assured me that the booth I had was in fact used but said that’s just how good… Continue Reading →

– Linda S.

“When I added my new Vitesse my plan was to offer it as a level three booth next to my silver bullet bed. But after a few customers tanned I immediately moved it to my top level with my high pressure bed and my S-Class. You can imagine to my surprise that any bed or… Continue Reading →

– Jake

“I own a new Eclipse Sun Capsule so I was concerned about putting a used one right next to it. Boy was I wrong. Today I have a certified pre-owned X7 and X10 sitting right next to my eclipse and they all look brand new. The Sun Capsule pre-owned Program is awesome!”

– Jackie G.

“After managing several Hollywood tans locations I was able to open my own store and one of the first things I did was add a new Sun Capsule Vitesse. This booth out tans anything in our store and our customers absolutely love it. And frankly if I hadn’t used the Flex Plan I couldn’t have… Continue Reading →

– Tim F.

“Over the past twenty years I’ve owned literally dozens of Sun Capsules and hundreds of tanning beds. I would have to put the Vitesse at the very top of the list when compared to any other tanning system I’ve ever owned. As for the Flex Plan, I guess the fact I have used it over… Continue Reading →