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Certified Pre Owned Tanning Bed Equipment

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Sun Capsule Has Set the Standard for Vertical Tanning Booths

With almost four decades of experience, Sun Capsule has become the industry’s leading provider for tanning booths and tanning booth equipment. Each of our tanning beds result in the perfect “head to toe” tan, while increasing the income for your business.

Don’t Throw Away Your Money With Just Any Used Tanning Booth

Our Certified Pre-Owned tanning beds keep your clients convinced they are stepping into a brand new tanning booth for their tan. Unlike a typical “used” booth, our Certified Pre-Owned booths do not come with dents and dings on the outside and worn out and old equipment on the inside. Your Sun Capsule tanning bed comes with all new pieces, on the inside and out. This includes new doors, graphics, fan assembly, lamps, sockets, ceiling, floor, trim, and walls. Your new booth will even have you questioning if it is fresh out of the box!

A Certified Pre-Owned tanning bed from Sun Capsule gives you the best bang-for-your-buck. Contact us today for more information.

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