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Tanning Bed Lamps And Parts

Supply Your Clients With the Best Tanning Bed Lamps and Parts Available

Sun Capsule Has Set the Standard for Vertical Tanning Bed Lamps & Parts

With over three decades of experience, Sun Capsule has become the industry’s leading provider for tanning booth lamps and parts. Sun Capsule’s mission is to maximize performance so that your customers have no other option but to return to you for their tanning needs. Our experienced team offers the leading line of tanning bed lamps, tanning booths, and parts for every level of tanning and budget. You can buy tanning bed lamps, tanning bed supplies, and various parts through our website. Each of our tanning beds, tanning bed lamps, and part helps create the perfect “head to toe” tan while increasing the income for your business.

Keep Your Tanning Booths Running Their Best With Our Premium Tanning Booth Lamps & Accessories

At Sun Capsule, we provide you with any and all tanning bed accessories you need to ensure your tanning booths are running properly. If you are in need of anything from a tanning lamp piece to an new door to your stand up tanning booth, we have got you covered.

Sun Capsule’s tanning bed products and parts are nothing but the best. Please view our shopping page to view our inventory. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding parts.

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