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With thirty-seven years of experience, Sun Capsule has become the industry’s leading provider for tanning booths. The Sun Capsule mission is to maximize performance giving your customers no other option but to return to your tanning salon for their tan. Each of our tanning beds result in the perfect “head to toe” tan, while increasing the income for your business with repeat satisfied tanning customers.

Don’t Settle For An Inferior Tanning Bed. Shop Only the Best of the Best Tanning Booths.

Our premium tanning bed equipment provides the highest quality tans for your clients. When you purchase your tanning booth from Sun Capsule, your customers will always come back for the strongest, longest tan available. Our experience, innovation, value, and proven track record provide the evidence to show you we are the best and only option for tanning booths.

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We’re bringing you a wide range of the best tanning machines and equipment for your homes, commercial tanning facilities, or fitness centers. Sun Capsule has the ultimate range of tanning machines that are designed to give you safe yet optimal results each time.

Our efficient machines are perfect for power-saving, energy-efficiency, and giving your clients the most even tan each time. Choose the desired setting, set the timer, and get great results no matter what.

We supply tanning equipment and supplies to clients across the region. Whether you’re looking for tanning booths, beds, lamps, or parts, you can always count on us to deliver high-quality tanning machines and equipment.

Get in touch with us to know more about our rates and product details, and we’ll ensure that you’re getting the best quality equipment for your commercial or personal facility.

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