Cosmolux 220W FR 75″ 1.9 Meter




SUN LAMP ORDERS: Sun lamps are packed 24 lamps per case.

VHR/HP 220w 1.9 Meter, Single lamp – $17.95
VHR 220w 1.9 Meter, Single lamp – $16.95

For more information about replacement lamps, view our compatibility report.

These tanning bulbs can be used in tanning beds and in tanning booths. They are shipped via UPS. Lamps shipped by UPS are carefully overpacked. Lamps shipped by common carrier are shrink wrapped on a pallet if applicable If you receive your lamp shipment and it sounds like there are broken lamps, YOU MUST ACCEPT THE SHIPMENT AND PUT THE SHIPPER ON NOTICE OF THE BREAKAGE. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY RETURNS ON SUN LAMPS, BROKEN OR OTHERWISE. In many cases, it may only be one broken lamp. Once you open the case and you determine how many lamps are broken, notify us as soon as possible. Take a picture or pictures of the lamp ends of the broken lamps, clearly identifying the lamp etch and date code on the lamp end(s). Send or e-mail the picture(s) to us and we will give you a credit for the broken lamp(s). No credit will be given without following these steps. We do not ship lamps to replace broken lamps.

Price is for each Lamp in Case of 24 lamps

Additional information

Weight40 lbs
Dimensions80 × 14 × 11 in


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