Reasons to Use a Tanning Bed

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We all know that over-exposure to UV rays is harmful for your skin as it can cause cancer. So, while you may want that bronze tan, sitting under the sun for a long time may not be the best idea.

To keep yourself safe from over-exposure to UV rays, invest in a tanning bed. There are several benefits of using one, and here are some of them.

It Helps With SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder, also known as SAD, is a form of depression during the winter months. It gets worse as winter progresses.

Although its more commonly experienced during the winters, some people report experiencing it during the spring and summer months as well.

Experts believe that lack of Vitamin D is the main reason behind SAD. Exposure to UV lights found in tanning beds can stimulate Vitamin D production and boost serotonin levels.

No Danger of Overexposure

When people are tanning outdoors, they tend to fall asleep because the sun’s warmth feels so good! However, they often wake up with sunburns. This doesn’t happen in a tanning bed because you can’t tan there for more than a few minutes. In fact, there’s no chance of overexposing yourself to UV bulbs even if you want to.

Keeps the Bone Strong

Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is needed to optimize your bone health. Although you can get it from food, your body primarily produces it through the help of UV rays. Vitamin D is also responsible for extracting phosphorous and calcium to create a balance in the body.

If you don’t have enough Vitamin D in your body, it can result in Osteoporosis. It can compromise your bone health. To keep a healthy frame and body, repeated, limited exposure to UV rays is important.

De-Stresses You

Research shows that people who use tanning beds are more balanced, relaxed and less anxious than those who don’t. That’s because UV lights increase the production of endorphins, also known as “happy hormones.”

Your Tan Stays for the Whole Year

If you experience extreme winters where you live, it can be challenging to maintain a tan the whole year-round. Even the fall and spring seasons can be quite cold. In these areas, it’s not ideal for putting on your sunsuit and bathe in the early morning rays. Instead, using an indoor tanning bed to remain tanned is a much better option.

Improves Sex Life

Vitamin D helps erectile problems and has also been shown to raise estrogen levels if they fall. Therefore, men and women who have sufficient exposure to UV rays have a healthier sex life.

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