Voted #1 Stand-up Manufacturer Year After Year

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At Sun Capsule we pride ourselves in always being at the leading edge of the vertical tanning booth market. Whereas majority of tanning equipment manufactures specialize in tanning beds, we only manufacture vertical equipment, which allows us to focus all of our attention into maximizing the performance of our tanning booths.

For the past 30 years we have worked hand in hand with lamp and ballast manufactures to customize the electrical design of our booths in order to achieve the best possible results. Our goal is to leave no stone un-turned in our constant pursuit of leading the pack. We spend countless hours testing and retesting our designs so that when we are ready to put them into production we know that not only will they be the best performing vertical tanning booth on the market, but they will also last a lifetime without maintenance concerns. We understand that your tanning equipment is the biggest investment that our customers make in their salons, and that a salon is only as good as the quality of tans that it can provide its customers. After all, repeat customers come from providing them with consistently superior results.

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