Ways to Prevent Reverse Raccoon Eyes While Tanning

Raccoon eyes

Tanning is immensely popular, with more than 35 percent of American adults reporting trying tanning beds at least once in their lifetimes. Moreover, research shows there are over 7.8 million people in the United States who use tanning booths.

People tan for numerous reasons, whether that’s to look good or feel good. However, there’s something about a bronzed look that especially appeals to people, which is why you’ll often find people lying at the beach, sunbathing under the sun’s rays.

Others may prefer an indoor tanning solution, which utilizes tanning machines and equipment to provide your body with a darker skin complexion.

However, before tanning, it’s essential you know about raccoon eyes, an unfortunate drawback closely associated with tanning.

How Does Tanning Cause Raccoon Eyes?

Whether you’re tanning in the sun or indoors, you’re exposing your body to UV light. UV light impacts your skin, causing it to tan. However, when most people go for a tan, they try to protect their eyes from the UV lights with sunglasses or protective goggles.

Wearing eyewear can be beneficial for your eyes but results in the areas around your eyes receiving less exposure to the UV lights than the rest of your body, creating an uneven tan.

The uneven tan can make your eyes pop out because the area around them is not as dark as your body, resulting in a similar image to a raccoon. However, raccoons usually tend to have darker areas around their eyes compared to their bodies, which is why people often refer to his phenomenon as “reverse raccoon eyes.”

Ways to Avoid Raccoon Eyes

Preventing Raccoon eyes can be a challenging ordeal. If you want to tan for a darker glow, you’ll have to expose your body to UV lights for an extended period. However, your eyes need protection as the UV rays can cause numerous problems, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and choroidal melanoma. Here are some ways to avoid coming back from your tanning session with raccoon eyes:

Invest in Quality Goggles

Many people will recommend removing your goggles while tanning to prevent raccoon eyes. However, we counsel you to refrain from following this advice because, without protective eyewear, you risk the chance of permanently damaging your eyes. Instead, we recommend you invest in high-quality goggles that manufacturers specifically created for tanning. Wearing protective goggles is the only way to protect your eyes, thereby requiring you to invest in a good pair.

A man wearing protective goggles

Reposition Your Protective Goggles

Although removing your goggles isn’t a wise choice, you can reposition your goggles intravenously to ensure different areas around the eyes receive exposure to UV rays. Adjusting them every few minutes can help reduce the extent of raccoon eyes, if not eliminate them. Make sure the bottom ridge of your goggles is sitting along the bottom of your eyelids at all times.

Shift the goggles so that each side corner sits over the respective eye for a few minutes. The right lens corner should cover the right eyelid before switching the goggles to your left side so that the left lens corner protects your left eye. Regularly adjusting your goggles can ensure that the entire around your eyes receives equal coverage, thereby preventing raccoon eyes.

Tanning to Your Heart’s Content at Home

If you avidly enjoy tanning, you may want to consider buying a tanning bed for your home. Home tanning beds can afford you privacy while ensuring that your skin has a dark glow at all times.

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