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Why is Sun Capsule known as the “Ultimate Stand Up Tanning Machine”?

The answer is simple. Sun Capsule tanning Booths are stronger, last longer, and hold their value better than any other Stand up or lay down tanning system ever made. Whether you are adding a tanning booth to your tanning salon, gym, or beauty business investing in a Sun Capsule stand up tanning system makes good business sense.


For over three decades, Sun Capsule has redefined tanning by designing its stand up booths to deliver the highest levels of UV light ever achieved from a fluorescent tanning lamp. Working with the engineers at Cosmedico, Sun Capsule stand up tanning booths have consistently achieved a better tan in less time. At the center of our engineering is innovation. With over 25 different models and 15 unique patents, Sun Capsule has been a trendsetter when it comes to achieving the deepest darkest tan imaginable in the shortest possible time. If you are looking for a 10-minute, 9-minute, 8-minute, or lightning-fast 7-minute stand-up tanning booth, we have you covered.


Due to our simple design and incredible attention to detail, our stand up tanning booths are built to last and last and last. Every day we hear from business owners who tell us how their 10, 15, or even 20-year-old Sun Capsules still perform exactly as they did when they were installed. From what our customers have told us, they typically spend thousands of dollars per year to keep their tanning beds up and running while investing close to zero, year-over-year into their Sun Capsule stand up tanning booths. In a word, Sun Capsules are “bulletproof.”


At Sun Capsule, we define value in several ways, how much can you earn, how much will it cost to maintain your booth, and how well will your booth hold or retain its value? In all three categories, it is not surprising that a Sun Capsule stand up tanning booths ranks number one. In an area as small as 5 feet by 5 feet, your Sun Capsule can earn up to $30,000 to $40,000 annually, depending on how many tanners you have and how much you charge. Your operational cost in addition to electricity and replacement lamps averages less than $100 per year. Finally, when it’s time to sell your Sun Capsule, you will be pleased to find that your booth has depreciated slower than any other stand-up or lay-down tanning booth on the market today.

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