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Welcome to Red Light Therapy, the science of using Low Level Light to penetrate the body at the cellular level resulting in a wide range of benefits to its user.

Red Light Therapy…More Than Just For Skin Treatments

Most gyms and tanning salon owners have been introduced to Red-Light Therapy from Stand-Up systems using fluorescent, “Collagen” tubes in place of UV lamps. The simple truth is that these systems are extremely limited in terms of output, irradiance, and efficacy. A fluorescent lamp relies solely on the phosphorus blend to produce Red Light and does so at a very low level. In addition to only emitting 633nm, the irradiance is typically under 40 mw/cm2. Red Light ranges from 620nm to 750nm and offers a wide range of benefits. Moreover, irradiance for a Medical Grade Red Light Therapy systems starts at 80 mw/cm2 and go as high as 200 mw/cm2.

Don’t be fooled by the idea that adding these fluorescent lamps to your old tanning bed or booth or that spending over $20,000 for a new fluorescent tube system will accomplish much of anything.

  • Fluorescent tube lamps emit a very low amount of Red Light.
  • Fluorescent tubes are significantly underpowered with dismal irradiance.
  • Fluorescent tubes cannot deliver the full range of benefits available from Red Light.
  • Fluorescent tubes will only underwhelm the user, once they experience a system powered with LED diodes.
  • Fluorescent tubes emit one level of Red Light at 633nm, whereas EXCELL utilizes eleven different wavelengths ranging from 440nm to 1050nm.

For the same price as one of these underwhelming fluorescent lamp systems, you can offer your clients a deep penetrating Red Light Therapy system with 4,900 individual LED diodes, each producing 3 full watts of power. The result is a system designed to achieve the best results possible in as little as 10 – minute treatments.

It's All About Irradiance

If you have ever used a handheld UV light meter, the number which appears on the screen represents the amount UV light intensity measured in mw/cm2 or what is known as the Irradiance. The higher the number on your light meter, the better the tan and the lower the number the weaker the tan. Whether you have a tanning bed that costs $5,000 or $50,000, this number will ultimately tell you just how well it will tan you. The reason for this is simple, the higher the number, the deeper into the skin your tan is being developed or the deeper into your skin, the UV light is penetrating. This is all based on the Irradiance value.


The Irradiance produced by these fluorescent collagen lamps will range between 30 – 40 mw/cm2. However, a medical grade LED system using, “Diodes” costing $50,000 to over $100,000 begin at 80 mw/cm2 and go up to as high as 140 mw/cm2. The EXCELL Red Light Therapy Capsules deliver Irradiance readings ranging from 150 mw/cm2 to as high as 210 mw/cm2. Numbers which have never been achieved and resulting in the best overall systems with the highest level of efficacy.

Think of it this way, when you use one of the Stand-Up systems using Collagen lamps and compare that to using any EXCELL LED system it would be like comparing a Tricycle to a motorcycle. Both have wheels, but that is where the similarities end!


How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red Light Therapy uses a combination of Red Light and Near Infrared Light to increase the production of ATP at a cellular level in your body. ATP, which stands for adenosine triphosphate simply means our body’s energy. The more ATP or energy we produce, the more efficiently our cell’s function. Whereas UV light and other forms of light energy, such as blue light are only capable of penetrating the surface layers of our skin. Red Light and Near Infrared wavelengths penetrate deep into our body all the way to our organs producing positive cellular vitality.


Increased ATP or energy in your body allows for increased functionality of your cells. This increased metabolic processing results in accelerating your normal bodily functions. For example, when a muscle is fatigued from working out the body must repair the muscle and remove lactic acids. The goal of our workouts is to reinvigorate the muscles, making them firmer and more defined. With Red Light therapy, this simply happens much faster and better.

What Are The Properties And Benefits Of Red Light?

The benefits realized from a Medical Grade Red Light system are endless. The key element is what wavelengths are incorporated into your treatment. When using only 633nm, you are missing most benefits available from PBM or Photobiomodulation, also known as Low Level Light Therapy. Each wavelength provides its own attributes and using these in conjunction with each other produces better results in less time.


EXCELL has designed systems which use a variety of wavelengths designed to achieve specific outcomes. EXCELL’s technology is backed by over 400 randomized, double blind, placebo controlled clinical studies performed worldwide over the past decade. For example, our Rejuve system focuses primarily on skin rejuvenation and cellular health, whereas our Spectrum system is focused on all aspects of integrating Red Light and Near Infrared from 440nm all the way to 1050 to provide the best overall wellness experience to your customer. As you can see from the following specifications, each EXCELL system uses specific wavelengths to achieve optimum efficacy of treatment.

What Makes EXCELL Red Light Systems Unique

There are four fundamental differences when comparing EXCELL to any other LED Red Light system on the market today.

  • EXCELL is the Only vertical LED ed Light Therapy system made
  • EXCELL is the only Red-Light Therapy system with 3 different models designed specifically for Fitness, Skin Rejuvenation and Whole-Body Wellness
  • EXCELL is priced tens of thousands of dollars less than any other medical grade Red Light Therapy system sold today
  • EXCELL is the only system using 4,800 individual diodes, each producing 3 full watts of power
Excell - Fitness
3 Wavelength
Peak Performance
Rejuve Red Light
5 Wavelength
Skin Rejuvination
Spectrum Red Light
7 Wavelength
Full Body Wellness

Why Should I add RED Light Therapy to my Tanning Salon?

Actually, the question is Why Wouldn’t You? Each month there are as many as 150,000 searches for Red Light Therapy and this trend is showing no signs of slowing. As more and more consumers look to take advantage of the amazing benefits offered from red light therapy, the tanning industry is perfectly positioned to satisfy this demand.

Stop Negative Publicity About Our Industry

Let’s be honest, the indoor tanning industry continues to be the topic of Negative Publicity which in most cases is baseless, but has been 100% effective, nonetheless.  Currently most states have established an Under 18 Ban on indoor tanning. Shortly we expect to see a Nation al Ban on Indoor Tanning. The wording alone is false, this is not a ban, rather a restriction. Regardless of the facts, our industry continues to lose the war of public perception.

Tanners are limited to tanning once every 48 hours by FDA statute and our industry continues to fight the FDA to stop them from implementing a “Maximum Tans Per Year” limit on our industry. If this occurs, we will be faced again with an inability to grow our businesses. At a time when all our operating costs have been increased, (rent, utilities, wages, replacement tanning lamps. Frankly, none of us in our industry have the power to stop or reverse this trend, but what we can do is diversify our equipment and product offering to include a new service which enjoys Only Positive Press and Publicity…Red Light Therapy.

Understanding Consumer Culture

To maximize results from any Red-Light system, you need to use it 3 to 5 times each week. Other than a gym, a tanning salon is one of the only businesses in which we see our customers this frequently. In fact, when the tanning industry was at its peak it was not uncommon to see our tanners 4 or 5 times a week. Tanning salons are typically located in easy to access retail centers with ample parking and not much traffic. As a Tanning professional, it makes sense to tap into this well-established consumer culture and invest in this burgeoning business opportunity.

Here are just a few important reasons why now is the perfect time to add a new Excell Red Light therapy system to your business.

The time is now to invest in the future of your business and in our industry, Sun Capsule and EXCELL are here to help. Take the first step and call one of our Red Light specialists, you won’t be sorry.

Are EXCELL Red Light Therapy Systems Expensive?

No, in fact we are the lowest priced system of all Medical Grade LED Red Light Systems. Comparable systems on the market cost between $40,000 to as much as $120,000, whereas Excell prices start Below $20,000. Compare our system specifications to any of our competitors and you will quickly realize how inexpensive our Red-Light systems are.

Below you can see just how quickly you can recoup your investment.

How Much Should I Charge My Customers?

Every market will be different when determining pricing for your Red-Light Therapy system, for example what you can charge in Manhattan (NYC) is very different from what is charged in Manhattan KS. However, we have found that keeping your pricing in line with your standard tanning packages will work best. Since your customers are already familiar with your pricing model this should be an easy transition.

At Excell we have developed a simple three-pronged approach to pricing in your tanning business. First remember that a single treatment will not be sufficient to achieve significant results, but you will certainly experience the system. A week of treatments is a great way to get your clients acclimated to using your new system. Plus, this can then be applied to a full month of treatments.

Ultimately, we want all our customers to get the most out of our Red-Light systems, so we recommend 3 to 4 treatments per week for two months and then twice per week after that. Of course, unlike UV tanning there are no limits as to how frequently you can use our systems, so many customers may use your EXCELL almost daily.

Single Treatments: $35 to $75

One Week of Treatments: $45 to $95

One Month of Treatments: $159 to $399

NOTE* – EFT Upgrades and packages should be added at your highest level or by creating a new level for Red Light.

Return Your Investment In As Little As Six Months Depending On Your Pricing

Scenario 1

Charge $159/month

Number Of Clients Per Month




One Month Package




Monthly Earnings From Red Light




Annual Earnings From Red Light




Scenario 2

Charge $199/month

Number Of Clients Per Month




One Month Package




Monthly Earnings From Red Light




Annual Earnings From Red Light




Scenario 3

Charge $249/month

Number Of Clients Per Month




One Month Package




Monthly Earnings From Red Light




Annual Earnings From Red Light




Are There Marketing Materials?

Yes, EXCELL includes a professional marketing kit for your business.

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