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Eleven Unique Wavelengths Providing Hundreds Of Therapeutic Benefits

Here is a brief overview of various wavelengths EXCELL uses and their benefits:

440nm – Heals sun damage, treats acne, relieves SAD (seasonal affective disorder)

 525nm – Increases bodies serotonin uptake, aids circadian rhythm, increases overall energy, reduces inflammation, treats acute and chronic pain

630nm – Reduces wrinkles, helps with general skin care, treats acne, re-grows hair, and treats common skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis

660nm – Reduces inflammation, accelerates wound and injury healing, reduces scars, decreases swelling and inflammation, relieves pain, reduces muscle fatigue from exercise

670nm – Provides supportive benefits to 630 and 660 nm, offers powerful skin rejuvenation, benefits sleep and enhances energy for overall wellness

810nm – Speeds wound and injury healing, improves brain injury recovery, treatment of depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders, accelerates stroke recovery, enhances athletic performance, and decreases recovery time after a workout

830nm – Bolsters anti-aging, sun damage repair and broken capillaries, treats cellulite and scar tissue, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, aids with wound healing and pain from injury

850nm – Enhances muscle recovery, anti-aging, accelerated wound and injury healing, speeds muscle recovery, and reduces inflammation

980nm – Healing wavelength felt by the human body relieves sore MLT’s (muscles, ligaments, tendons), reduces inflammation, promotes increased cellular oxidation, synthesizes byproducts of healing, reduces pain from injury, speeds healing

1050nm – Non-visible delivers heat to bones and joints, aids in arthritis pain relief, brings oxygen rich blood to damaged areas, increases metabolic rate, synthesis waste