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Our Certified Sun Capsules Are So Good, You Can Run Your Entire Tanning Salon With Them

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Sun Capsule® “Certified” Program

The Gold Standard of Pre-Owned Tanning Equipment

For over 40 years, Sun Capsule® has been the industry leader in manufacturing the most Powerful and Dependable Stand-Up Tanning Booths on the market. Now, in response to the growing demand, we proudly offer Tanning Beds for Sale through our pre-owned Sun Capsules. Drawing inspiration from the high standards set by luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes Benz, we have introduced our own “Certified Pre Owned” program for Sun Capsules.

What does Certified mean for Tanning Beds for Sale?

When we Certify a Sun Capsule, we go the extra mile to ensure exceptional quality. We meticulously construct a brand new exterior and certify the electrical components of each booth received in trade. Through a comprehensive re-manufacturing process, every Sun Capsule becomes virtually brand new. This includes new floors, ceilings, and walls, with newly painted or powder-coated metal throughout and updated graphics. Rigorous checks are conducted on all wiring, capacitors, and ballasts, followed by the installation of new top and bottom sockets, lamp starters, and brand new Cosmedico lamps. The result is a certified Sun Capsule that reflects the performance and aesthetics of a new model, all at less than half the price.

Investing in a certified Sun Capsule® means experiencing the best in tanning technology at an unbeatable value.

Examples of what you can expect when you invest in a certified Sun Capsule® include:

– Brand new exterior

– Certified electrical components

– New floors, ceilings, and walls

– Newly painted or powder-coated metal

– Updated graphics

– Thoroughly checked wiring

– Tested capacitors and ballasts

– New top and bottom sockets

– New lamp starters

– Brand new Cosmedico lamps

Here’s are some examples of what you can expect when you invest in a certified Sun Capsule®.

Discover Quality So Good, You Won’t Believe They’re Not New

Since the inception of this program in 2009, we have successfully sold over 1,000 Certified Sun Capsules, with virtually no service issues or complaints. Salon owners have chosen to set up entire salons with our Certified Sun Capsules, knowing that virtually everything they see is, indeed, brand new.

Contact us today to explore the incredible benefits of our Certified Pre-Owned Sun Capsules. Whether you are searching for a single tanning bed for sale or planning to incorporate stand-up tanning beds for sale in your salon, Sun Capsule has the quality and affordability you seek. Invest in our used tanning beds and experience the excellence that has made Sun Capsule the trusted choice for over 40 years.

How Much Can I save With A Certified Sun Capsule®?

Our Certified booths will save you 60% off a new Sun Capsule. Prices for our certified booths start under $5,000 and go as high as $11,000. Whereas a new Sun Capsule® will range between $14,000 and $22,000. 

Available Models

Here are a few models we normally have in inventory, but you should call us to obtain the most current inventory list and prices.

250 watt – 7 minute Vitesse

Starting at only $9900

220 watt – 8 minute Eclipse

Starting at only $8900

180/200 watt - 9 minute Sport

Starting at only $6900

220 watt – 7 minute X7

Starting at only $5900

160 or 200 watt – X9

Starting at only $4900