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Welcome to Sun Capsule, the leading provider of Stand-up Tanning Beds in the Commercial Tanning Industry. Our all-new Ultra Series represents the epitome of power and sophistication in Stand-up Tanning systems. Whether you are in search of a top-tier Tanning Bed, a Commercial Tanning Bed, a Stand-up Tanning Bed for sale, or a cutting-edge Stand-up Tanning Booth, the Ultra Series has it all.

Ultra XT Hybrid – Ground Breaking Technology

Own the world’s most powerful and sophisticated Stand-Up Tanning systems ever produced with Sun Capsule’s Ultra Series. Whether you are interested in a true HYBRID booth, the next generation in VHR technology, or a cost-effective entry-level Tanning Bed, our Ultra XT Hybrid delivers groundbreaking technology that sets industry standards.

As with everything at Sun Capsule, we believe in doing things right. In response to the growing popularity of hybrid tanning beds, we integrated Red Light into our UV systems. The challenge was to design something using Red Light capable of keeping up with our new 250-watt 2-meter VHR/XT lamp – the most powerful low-pressure tanning lamp ever made. Our engineers achieved the impossible, creating the “Hyper” Hybrid Red Light lamp with features like a 2-meter bi-pin design, 40 individual LED diodes per lamp, multi-wavelength technology, and 38 watts of power per lamp.

Ultra XT – The Next Level In Tanning

The Sun Capsule Ultra XT takes tanning to the next level. In 1996, our partners at Cosmedico revolutionized indoor tanning with the introduction of the first 160-watt VHR (reflector) lamp. Today, the collaboration with Cosmedico continues to yield innovative breakthroughs, including the new 250-watt VHR/XT technology. This lamp combines phosphorus developed for the VHR TT (high UVB levels) and the VHR 9k90 (high UVA levels), providing tanners with the ultimate experience. With 250 watts of pure power, a lightning-fast 7-minute session time, and a perfect blend of UVA and UVB Technology, the Ultra XT is truly The Ultimate Tanning Machine.

Ultra – Incredible Performance And Dependability

The Ultra Series from Sun Capsule challenges expectations in the Commercial Tanning Industry. Who would have thought ten or fifteen years ago that a 220-watt – 9-minute tanning system would be considered entry level? Our new Ultra tanning system gives you a great-looking stand-up packed with plenty of power. With 48 – 200-watt VHR lamps from Cosmedico, the Ultra ensures incredible performance and dependability. Most importantly, we have priced our Ultra system to be affordable for everyone.

Experience the world’s most powerful Stand-up Tanning Beds from Sun Capsule – your ultimate destination for innovation, performance, and dependability in the Commercial Tanning Industry. Whether you seek a Tanning Bed, a Commercial Tanning Bed, a Stand-up Tanning Bed for sale, or a cutting-edge Stand-up Tanning Booth, the Ultra Series is designed to exceed your expectations. Choose Sun Capsule and elevate your tanning experience today.


Groundbreaking Full Spectrum LED HYBRID


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