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Own the world’s most powerful and sophisticated Stand-Up Tanning system ever produced. The All-New Sun Capsule Ultra was designed with a specific goal, to outperform any other Stand-Up tanning system while offering an exciting new look and feel. Our new Ultra XT and XT Hybrid have it all, and since they are a Sun Capsule you will experience years of maintenance free operation.

Here are just a few new features we have added to our new Stand-Up tanning systems.

  • Revolutionary new tanning Lamp, the 250-watt XT lamp from Cosmedico incorporates cutting edge UV phosphorus combining the highest amount of UVA with a spike in UVB. The XT delivers immediate color, while producing a deeper, more long-lasting tan.
  • New Frosted Acrylics
  • New Acrylic Floor
  • New Mirrored Acrylic Back Lit Ceiling
  • Exciting new programmable Ligh Show
  • One of a kind LED Red Light Therapy Diode Tubes

Get ready for Years and Years of trouble-free operation with your new Sun Capsule Ultra and Ultra XT.

Its true, designed into every Sun Capsule Stand Up Tanning Booth is over 40 years of engineering simplicity at it’s best. Ask anyone who has ever owned one of our stand ups and you will hear the same thing time and time again. A Sun Capsule not only outperforms all other systems on the market, but they virtually never require maintenance of any kind. 

So, when you invest in a new or a certified Pre-Owned Sun Capsule, you will get the same engineering excellence backed by the Only All Inclusive 24 Month Warranty in our industry. This means that for two full years we will repair or replace anything you need to keep your Sun Capsule running at 100%. Not only is this the longest warranty in our industry, it is the only one which covers your parts and labor…no questions asked.

Groundbreaking New Technology

The new Sun Capsule Ultra XT and Ultra Hybrid are simply the best looking and best performing booths we have ever designed. Working with our partners of over 30 years at Cosmedico we have developed two incredible models designed to take your tan as well as your tanning experience to the next level. Incorporating the first and only 250-watt, 2-meter VHR/XT lamp from Cosmedico the new Ultra XT hits all the right notes.

Increased UVA Output Delivers the Deepest, Darkest Tan imaginable in as little as 7 minutes!

Looking for a bronzing system to get your customers darker than ever before?  Our Sun Capsule XT will blow you away. The Ultra-XT increased UVA output is the highest ever achieved from a fluorescent tanning lamp. Watch as your customers remark repeatedly how they cannot believe how much color they can get from a single session. Plus, because your new Sun Capsule is powered with our exclusive 250-watt choke system, we are able to produce a more natural and long-lasting tan than ever before.

Say Goodbye to Hard to Please Tanners

All of us who have been behind the counter know of those rare, hard to please tanners. You know the ones we love, but just cannot seem to please. We see them frequently, and often sell them tons of new lotions, and the one thing they have in common is their desire to get better results. Sun Capsule’s new XT technology was developed specifically with these customers in mind. In addition to the unparalleled level of UVA, our new XT system delivers an equally significant amount of UVB, allowing us to produce a deep, dark tan with just a little bit extra for those hard to please tanners.